A+ OS Technologies
 A+ Core Hardware
 A+ 2003 OS Technologies
 A+ 2003 Core Hardware
 i-Net +
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 HTI Residential
 HTI Systems Infrastructure

 Windows 9x
 NT Workstation
 NT Server
 Proxy Server

 Directory Services Design
 Network Infrastructure
 Network Security
 Imp & Adm Network Infrastructure
 Imp & Adm Directory Services

 Active Directory Infrastructure
 Network Environment
 Network Infrastructure
 Planning Network Infrastructure

 XP Professional

 .Net Web Apps
 .Net Windows Apps
 .Net XML Web Services

 .Net Web Apps
 .Net Windows Apps
 .Net XML Web Services

 Networking Technologies
 NetWare 4.x
 NetWare 4 to 5 Update
 Novell S&S

 Advanced Router Configuration
 Certified Design Associate
 Certified Internetworking Troubleshooting
 Certified Network Associate
 Config, Monitoring and Dialup
 Internetwork Design
 Lan Switch Configuration